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“Thank you for taking time to meet with our group (and the tour). We learned so much about K-O Products, metal stamping and ways to best prepart our students.

We are all impressed by the business you’ve built and the people we met. It is clear why you and K-O Products are industry leaders. Thank you.”

Amy Hume, Berrien RESA (Regional Education Service Agency)

Metal Stamping for Any Industry

At K-O Products, metal stamping is our passion, the backbone of our company. We’ve been metal stamping for over 80 years! Precision? Runs in our blood.

In many cases, a metal stamping is the backbone of a successful product as well. We will manage your precision metal stamping program from the time you say “Go”!

We offer a full spectrum of metal stamping

  • Low Volume & Prototypes – to support new product development and specialty work; numbering from 1 to several hundred
  • High Volume Progressive – to support your assembly production line; we’re capable of producing JIT components in the millions with progressive dies
  • Medium Volume Progressive, Compound or Line Die Work – our core strength; stampings with progressive dies built in-house provide the lowest tooling costs possible in the 30,000-250,000 unit range

Primary Stamping operations

  • 30-800 Ton Presses
  • Material thickness 0.014” to 0.500”
  • Materials – Low to High Carbon Steel, High Strength Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Galvanized, Aluminized Steel

Secondary operations

  • In-house Tool/Die department
  • In-Die Tapping
  • Deburring
  • Assembly – including mixed-material
  • Powder Coating
  • Packaging

K-O adds value to your product at each step of the process

  • Speed – Submit your CAD data – our CAD group can read most CAD files. Or, if you have drawings, we can produce CAD data from your drawings for approval to develop tooling. Or, if you have a current part, we can Reverse engineer from it to produce more like it
  • Efficiency – K-O “simplifies” your design for true volume and cost-efficient production
  • Verification – Prototype process applies “lessons learned” to achieve production-intent process and final product verification

We earned our stripes stamping metal for the automotive industry. Still do. With it comes a discipline of APQP, PPAP and much more. A discipline we apply to every job we do here at K-O. The result is assured precision at Job #1, continuous project improvement, and systems tracking.

Creating Enclosures for Long Metal Parts

K-O Products can produce a variety of deep drawn metal parts, such as housings, spring seats or heat shields used in automotive applications as motors, suspension, exhaust and fuel tanks for example. Deep drawn stampings also have applications in appliance, industrial and numerous industries.

Deep drawing is a process used for stamping material in its severest form usually into 3-dimensional shapes or profiles. Our process advances material incrementally (progressively) in the press, with each stroke of the stamping press utilizing progressive tooling to form material through a series of reductions manipulating material precisely to minimize material thinning or fracturing until the part is uniquely shaped per customer specifications. Extended press bed sizes are utilized in many of the applications to provide the ability to manufacture parts using oversized tooling to include cam pierce, notch and trim stations without the use of secondary operations. It’s a very cost effective means of producing parts with continuous throughput in one press eliminating variables from multiple setups.

Bottom line: K-O Products is at the ready to deliver. We specialize in difficult, complex custom metal stampings. We will review your application and look for an achievable solution. Our engineering group has developed solutions that have proven dedication and innovation will ultimately conquer any challenge. We have succeeded on projects where others wouldn’t even try. Challenge us.